Anne+ review – a comfortingly accurate portrayal of lesbian dating

5/5 stars

This binge-worthy series is the European version of The L word we have all been patiently waiting for – and it does not disappoint

The creators of Anne+ really looked at the representation of lesbian dating in television and said: ‘Give the gays what they want,’ when they made this ridiculously relatable series. This two series show follows Anne (Hanna van Vliet) as she navigates her way through life as a post-grad in Amsterdam and her young, sometimes rocky, love life as a 24-year-old. Each episode focuses on Anne with a different partner, Anne + Lily and so on, and intricately incorporates some of the nuances of gay dating and relationships. With lots of flashback scenes, we really get to watch Anne grow throughout the series and see how she overcomes tricky situations…   

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