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‘The toxic university lifestyle of partying and drugs nearly cost me my life…’

Finding your feet at uni is tough – any first year student can describe it – but nothing prepared Tom Young for the toxic addiction that followed. Sonia Raju shares his story at the University of Birmingham. It was 4AM as I stumbled up the stairs, my heart was palpitating out of my chest. I […]

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The pain of public speaking

Back when I was in nursery, I never spoke. Or at least to the teachers I didn’t. I’m not exaggerating, I literally never said a word. I was so shy back then, I remember I embarrassingly…

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‘My university experience ended on a random Tuesday in March. My uni closed. I didn’t get to see my friends. My graduation was cancelled.’

The final year at uni is tough – any third year uni student will tell you that – but imagine doing it all in the eye of a global pandemic storm. This is what happened to Loughborough University English student Anu Kehinde. She tells Sonia Raju her story. Alongside gaining an English degree, aspiring food […]